path: root/infrastructure/msvc/2010/common.vcxproj
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove old hard-coded MSVC and MinGW configs.Chris Wilson2016-09-10
* Fix another bad library path, this time pcreposix.lib.Chris Wilson2015-12-02
* Fix another incorrect PCRE library path.Chris Wilson2015-12-01
* Fix include paths for PCRE to platform-specific install directory.Chris Wilson2015-12-01
* Install compiled OpenSSL files in a platform-specific directory.Chris Wilson2015-12-01
* Remove missing source file references from Visual Studio 2010 SLN fileChris Wilson2015-01-02
* Update MSVC 2010 project to match recent changes to file locations.Chris Wilson2012-07-20
* Switch back from custom build step to pre-build event, as the custom step jus...Chris Wilson2011-10-11
* Update MSVC project for new names of protocol files.Chris Wilson2011-08-28
* Fix MSVC 2010 project for new file locations. Separate libbackupclient filesChris Wilson2011-05-24
* Remove some redundant imports to reduce compile warnings in MSVC 2010.Chris Wilson2011-04-16
* Refactor MSVC library dependencies onto the common project, and removeChris Wilson2011-04-15
* Switch from solution dependencies to project-to-project dependencies.Chris Wilson2011-04-14
* Move backupstore common code to its own library, libbackupstore.Chris Wilson2011-03-27
* Add a solution and project for building on MSVC 2010.Chris Wilson2011-03-26