path: root/lib/backupclient/BackupDaemonConfigVerify.cpp
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* Add S3Store account creation.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Add AccountNumber to list of config keys checked at runtime.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Add configuration keys for S3 store type.Chris Wilson2015-06-28
* Refactor to allow non-bbstored store configurations.Chris Wilson2015-06-28
* The BackupErrorDelay configuration key should not be required.Chris Wilson2014-12-06
* Allow users to configure the delay before retry on backup errors.Chris Wilson2014-12-03
* Fix compile errors introduced by previous commit.Chris Wilson2014-11-23
* Add experimental "TCP Nice" mode, disabled by default.Chris Wilson2012-02-12
* Add a configuration option for upload rate limiting, MaxUploadRate.Chris Wilson2011-01-12
* Add support for account numbers greater than 0x7fffffff without wrapping.Chris Wilson2010-06-06
* Add file logging support (LogFile and LogFileLevel config options).Chris Wilson2008-09-26
* Undo mangling by tailorChris Wilson2008-04-04
* TailorizationChris Wilson2008-04-04
* Allow configuration of the server port that the client will connect to Chris Wilson2008-03-28
* Allow configuration of the time to delete redundant store locations.Chris Wilson2007-10-08
* Added a new config option, LogAllFileAccess, which will log access to every Chris Wilson2007-01-11
* Add ExtendedLogFile option to bbackupd config (refs #9)Chris Wilson2006-11-14
* Merge chris/bb-save-state, resolving conflictsBen Summers2006-01-30
* * configure.acChris Wilson2006-01-28
* Fixing up svn:executable properties.Martin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14