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* Improve exception handling on backup store side.Chris Wilson2015-08-15
* Refactor handling of exceptions in protocol server command executors.Chris Wilson2014-10-31
* Whitespace, comment and readability fixesChris Wilson2014-10-31
* Remove the global logging level.Chris Wilson2014-04-09
* Always flush any incoming stream on server side.Chris Wilson2014-03-02
* Adding a directory when over limit returns an error instead of crashing.Chris Wilson2014-03-02
* Add QueryCreateDirectory2 command.Chris Wilson2014-03-02
* Rename BackupStoreInfo variable NumFiles to NumCurrentFiles.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Fix compile error.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Add an AccountUsage2 command to backup protocol.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Move the comment to somewhere more useful.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Don't need to protect InvisibleTempFileStream against exceptions.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Rename BackupStoreContext.GetStoreRoot() to GetAccountRoot().Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Improve variable names and comments.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Improve error messages from BackupCommands.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Pass std::auto_ptr objects to Protocol for upload.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Refuse login to disabled accounts.Chris Wilson2012-10-22
* Add remote host and port to post-login login message, requested by Pete Jalajas.Chris Wilson2011-12-13
* Log the account name with connections, disconnections and statistics, request...Chris Wilson2011-12-12
* Combine client and server protocols to make way for an offline/local protocol.Chris Wilson2011-08-27
* Major refactoring to make lib/backupclient depend on lib/backupstore ratherChris Wilson2011-04-26