path: root/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreCheck.cpp
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* Allow read-only account check without taking a write lock on account.Chris Wilson2014-02-27
* Rename BackupStoreInfo variable NumFiles to NumCurrentFiles.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Fix accounting in bbstoreaccounts check.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* The user asked us to fix errors, so it's not a very important notification th...Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Create new refcount database atomically during account check.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Files are allowed to be both Old and Deleted.Chris Wilson2013-10-02
* Repair damaged Box RAID objects and non-transformed .rfw files.Chris Wilson2013-09-20
* Repeatedly "fix" directories until all errors are cleared.Chris Wilson2013-09-19
* Fix missing include, thanks Arnaud.Chris Wilson2013-09-02
* Improve debugging messages after repairing a directory.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Add a helper in BackupStoreAccounts to get a write lock on an account.Chris Wilson2012-11-18
* Remove debugging code.Chris Wilson2011-11-01
* Work around lack of unistd.h on MSVC.Chris Wilson2011-03-27
* Debugging for Sune Molgaard's issue with non-existent files beingChris Wilson2011-02-23
* Count the number of files and directories in the account during account Chris Wilson2010-08-27
* Undo mangling by tailorChris Wilson2008-04-04
* TailorizationChris Wilson2008-04-04
* Replace all remaining use of TRACEx() macros with logging framework.Chris Wilson2008-03-29
* Convert most printf() and fprintf() calls to use logging frameworkChris Wilson2007-08-02
* Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead of assuming that it's a forward slashChris Wilson2006-08-31
* Revert to trunkChris Wilson2006-08-31
* * mergeChris Wilson2006-07-27
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14