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* Rename BackupStoreInfo variable NumFiles to NumCurrentFiles.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Fix accounting in bbstoreaccounts check.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Ensure that all errors that increment mNumberErrorsFound are reported as BOX_...Chris Wilson2013-09-19
* Fix a bug where bbstoreaccounts check could hang or crash.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Fix missing #include for MemBlockStream.hChris Wilson2012-11-08
* Make CreateForRegeneration save the AccountEnabled flag and any extra dataChris Wilson2012-11-08
* Fix spelling error in AddUnattachedObject method name.Chris Wilson2011-11-01
* Debugging for Sune Molgaard's issue with non-existent files beingChris Wilson2011-02-23
* Change the store info file format to include an account name and the Chris Wilson2010-08-27
* Change type of BackupStoreFilename not to derive from std::string, soChris Wilson2009-03-29
* Remove obsolete BackupStoreCheck::InsertObjectIntoDirectory class,Chris Wilson2008-05-06
* Fix O(n^2) algorithm to insert lost objects into a directory, which wouldChris Wilson2008-05-06
* Fix typos in comments.Chris Wilson2008-05-04
* Undo mangling by tailorChris Wilson2008-04-04
* TailorizationChris Wilson2008-04-04
* Replace all remaining use of TRACEx() macros with logging framework.Chris Wilson2008-03-29
* Convert most printf() and fprintf() calls to use logging frameworkChris Wilson2007-08-02
* Fixed typo.Chris Wilson2006-11-13
* Merged martin/autoconf at r35 to trunkMartin Ebourne2005-12-07
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14