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* Fix another use of a non-standard BSD variable.Chris Wilson2015-12-09
* Add a test for reading and writing BackupStoreDirectory binary data.Chris Wilson2015-09-20
* Comments and whitespace fixesChris Wilson2015-09-19
* Add cache invalidation checks to BackupStoreDirectory.Chris Wilson2014-11-16
* Whitespace, comment and readability fixesChris Wilson2014-10-31
* Simplify code with macros, update comments and fix whitespace.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
* Add a ToString method to IOStream and some subclasses.Chris Wilson2014-04-29
* Rename the BackupStoreDirectory::AddEntry's AttributesModTime parameter to At...Chris Wilson2012-01-22
* Major refactoring to make lib/backupclient depend on lib/backupstore ratherChris Wilson2011-04-26