path: root/lib/backupstore/BackupStoreFile.cpp
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* Whitespace, import order and comment fixesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Allow verifying a BackupStoreFile without closing underlying streamChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Add a BackupStoreFile encoding streaming verifierChris Wilson2015-08-07
* Whitespace cleanupChris Wilson2015-08-07
* Initialise ModificationTime when uploading complete file.Chris Wilson2015-06-10
* Fix MinGW64 compile error due to pointers being too large for uint32_t.Chris Wilson2014-12-26
* Trivial white space fixes.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
* Fix deadlock waiting for read or write on closed connection.Chris Wilson2014-08-15
* Poll command socket regularly during file uploads.Chris Wilson2014-04-09
* Add a shortcut interface to uploading a new file.Chris Wilson2014-02-13
* Pass std::auto_ptr objects to Protocol for upload.Chris Wilson2013-08-22
* Pass std::strings to functions instead of const char *, for C++ style.Chris Wilson2013-08-21
* Major refactoring to make lib/backupclient depend on lib/backupstore ratherChris Wilson2011-04-26