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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20200326.g8e8b63cReinhard Tartler2020-05-10
* New upstream version 0.13~~git20190527.g039c4a1Reinhard Tartler2019-05-28
* Catch exceptions during destruction of BackupStoreRefCountDatabase as well.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Fix test failures caused by failure to commit the temporary refcount DB.Chris Wilson2015-04-06
* Improve error logging in win32 emu library.Chris Wilson2015-04-06
* Repair the refcount database while checking accounts for errors.Chris Wilson2014-10-31
* Whitespace, comments and log messages cleanups.Chris Wilson2014-03-02
* Create new refcount database atomically during account check.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Remove commented-out method copied from BackupStoreInfo and not used.Chris Wilson2012-11-07
* Improve error logging for store info and refcount database errors.Chris Wilson2011-06-16
* Use the reference count database name constant rather than hard-coding it.Chris Wilson2011-04-20
* Fix compile failure reported by Achim.Chris Wilson2009-08-01
* Make GetRefCount return a refcount_t rather than an int32_t.Chris Wilson2009-06-28
* Add code for BackupStoreRefCountDatabase.Chris Wilson2009-06-27