path: root/lib/backupstore/HousekeepStoreAccount.cpp
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* Shorthand check for deleted flag.Chris Wilson2014-02-27
* Fix buggy directory deletion by housekeeping.Chris Wilson2014-02-27
* Fix accounting for old and deleted files, and dirs removed by housekeeping.Chris Wilson2014-02-11
* Fix testbackupstore, apart from wrong accounting for old files.Chris Wilson2014-02-10
* Fix wrong handling of objects with multiple references in housekeeping.Chris Wilson2014-02-09
* Create new refcount database atomically during account check.Chris Wilson2014-02-07
* Cosmetic improvements to bbstored log message tagging.Chris Wilson2012-11-18
* Fix duplicate tagging of housekeeping messages.Chris Wilson2012-11-17
* Add housekeep command to bbstoreaccounts to run housekeeping right now.Chris Wilson2012-06-29