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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20190527.g039c4a1Reinhard Tartler2019-05-28
* Check that DoHousekeeping() actually returns true.Chris Wilson2015-12-27
* Fix StartClient() to store new pid correctlyChris Wilson2015-08-06
* Refactor to allow sharing code for starting and stopping daemons in tests.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Major test refactor to support test suites.Chris Wilson2015-07-01
* Fix missing account lock while checking for errors.Chris Wilson2015-05-06
* Fix minor test problem caused by not deleting a file between tests.Chris Wilson2015-05-04
* Fix test failures caused by reference count database changes.Chris Wilson2014-11-16
* Refactor StartClient and StopClient out of testbbackupd.Chris Wilson2014-10-31
* Fix tests broken by changing working directory.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
* Define some functions to reduce duplication in testbbackupd.Chris Wilson2014-09-04
* Remove the global logging level.Chris Wilson2014-04-09
* Add a utility to check account for errors, expecting that there are some.Chris Wilson2014-04-09
* Make Protocol take control of the socket object passed in.Chris Wilson2014-03-01
* Use the new test utilities to remove some duplicate code.Chris Wilson2014-02-27
* Move test utilities into a separate file, to share with testbbackupd.Chris Wilson2014-02-27