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* Remove unused #includes.Chris Wilson2016-09-19
* Remove unused member variable.Chris Wilson2016-09-11
* Update platform feature detection to work with CMake.Chris Wilson2016-09-03
* Fix case of filenames of "text" files used to generate protocols and docs.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
* Check that DoHousekeeping() actually returns true.Chris Wilson2015-12-27
* Whitespace cleanup.Chris Wilson2015-12-27
* Catch exceptions during destruction of BackupStoreRefCountDatabase as well.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Catch exceptions during destruction of BackupStoreCheck as well.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Catch and log exceptions in the HousekeepStoreAccount destructor.Chris Wilson2015-12-22
* Fix account deletion on Windows.Chris Wilson2015-12-17
* Fix another use of a non-standard BSD variable.Chris Wilson2015-12-09
* Merge Arnaud Grandville's Windows fixes.Chris Wilson2015-12-09
| * add specific define to allow the use of std::min and sd::max from windowsAG2015-10-26
| * min & max are not from std namespaceAG2015-10-26
| * Merge branch 'master' into fix_arm_struct_packingChris Wilson2015-09-21
| |\
| | * Remove all timing dependency from test_ssl_keepalives().Chris Wilson2015-09-20
| * | Add a test for reading and writing BackupStoreDirectory binary data.Chris Wilson2015-09-20
| * | Comments and whitespace fixesChris Wilson2015-09-19
| |/
* / Remove non-standard BSD u_int* types.Chris Wilson2015-12-08
* Fix check for existing BackupStoreInfo file on S3 storesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Whitespace, import order and comment fixesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Allow verifying a BackupStoreFile without closing underlying streamChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Add missing header include.Chris Wilson2015-08-23
* Whitespace, layout and comment cleanups.Chris Wilson2015-08-15
* Improve exception handling on backup store side.Chris Wilson2015-08-15
* Add a BackupStoreFile encoding streaming verifierChris Wilson2015-08-07
* Whitespace cleanupChris Wilson2015-08-07
* Improve error message when TEST_PROTOCOL_ERROR_OR() fails.Chris Wilson2015-08-06
* Fix StartClient() to store new pid correctlyChris Wilson2015-08-06
* Compile fixChris Wilson2015-07-31
* Add S3Store account creation.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Refactor to allow sharing code for starting and stopping daemons in tests.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Refactor BackupStoreInfo to allow creating them without RaidFiles.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Remove duplicate declaration of test functions.Chris Wilson2015-07-25
* Refactor BackupStoreInfo to allow loading from any IOStream.Chris Wilson2015-07-19
* Major test refactor to support test suites.Chris Wilson2015-07-01
* Refactor store account control to allow other store types.Chris Wilson2015-06-28
* Initialise ModificationTime when uploading complete file.Chris Wilson2015-06-10
* Fix test failures on Windows caused by keeping files open too long.Chris Wilson2015-05-16
* Fix missing account lock while checking for errors.Chris Wilson2015-05-06
* Fix minor test problem caused by not deleting a file between tests.Chris Wilson2015-05-04
* Fix tests failing because they can't delete the lock file.Chris Wilson2015-05-04
* Add ability to run commands in context with TEST_CHECK_THROWS_AND_OR.Chris Wilson2015-04-15
* Fix test failures caused by failure to commit the temporary refcount DB.Chris Wilson2015-04-06
* Improve error logging in win32 emu library.Chris Wilson2015-04-06
* Fix crash when compiled in release mode caused by refcount not decrementing.Chris Wilson2015-02-26
* Fix test failures caused by using plain stat() instead of emu_stat().Chris Wilson2014-12-26
* Fix test failures caused by store path ending with slash on Windows.Chris Wilson2014-12-26
* Fix MinGW64 compile error due to pointers being too large for uint32_t.Chris Wilson2014-12-26
* Replace sprintf() with snprintf(), fixes compile warnings on OpenBSD.Chris Wilson2014-12-22