path: root/lib/common/BoxConfig-MSVC.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Update platform feature detection to work with CMake.Chris Wilson2016-09-03
* add specific define to allow the use of std::min and sd::max from windowsAG2015-10-26
* Set process title on Windows.Chris Wilson2013-08-25
* Recent Cygwin versions of MinGW now define O_BINARY as well, also inChris Wilson2011-10-08
* Update version on MSVC config.Chris Wilson2008-01-29
* Work around the fact that we may have regex support without havingChris Wilson2007-07-26
* We now have pcreposix.h instead of regex.h, at least if you follow theChris Wilson2007-07-26
* Declare that we have O_BINARY but not <sys/types.h> for MSVCChris Wilson2007-03-04
* Visual Studio 2005 compile fixes, thanks to Gary.Chris Wilson2006-12-29
* Rename config.h.win32 to the new name, which will be auto-included byChris Wilson2006-10-16