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* Increase precision of timing on Windows.Chris Wilson2017-06-22
* Fix computation of fractional second part of ShortSleep().Chris Wilson2014-12-21
* Log the number of nanoseconds left to sleep, otherwise the log messagesChris Wilson2012-11-07
* Move accurate sleep code from Test.cpp to BoxTime, allow requesting timesChris Wilson2011-01-12
* Add date to file logger, as requested by Kenny Millington.Chris Wilson2009-03-29
* Add a function to format a BoxTime as a human-readable time onlyChris Wilson2008-07-27
* Undo mangling by tailorChris Wilson2008-04-04
* TailorizationChris Wilson2008-04-04
* Improve logging with macros that consistently output strerror(errno) andChris Wilson2008-03-28
* Replace almost all calls to syslog() with logging framework. (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-07-31
* Use gettimeofday() to increase accuracy of GetCurrentBoxTime() on Chris Wilson2006-11-23
* Rationalise type usage for time values. Now:Martin Ebourne2005-12-20
* Fixing up svn:executable properties.Martin Ebourne2005-12-12
* Box Backup 0.09 with a few tweeksBen Summers2005-10-14