path: root/lib/httpserver/HTTPResponse.h
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* Whitespace, import order and comment fixesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Add configurable timeouts and HEAD request support to S3 client.Chris Wilson2015-08-15
* Add utility methods to HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse classes.Chris Wilson2015-07-31
* Reset to remove old content in HTTPResponse in assignment operator.Chris Wilson2009-01-09
* Allow copying an HTTPResponse so that it can be returned by S3Client Chris Wilson2009-01-07
* Add support for sending an HTTP/1.0 100 Continue response during Chris Wilson2009-01-05
* Allow adding headers to an HTTPRequest.Chris Wilson2009-01-04
* Add ability to send an HTTPRequest to a socket and to parse an Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Copy HTTP server into Box, for use with S3 testing.Chris Wilson2009-01-03