path: root/lib/httpserver/HTTPServer.cpp
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* Disable HTTP keepalive for now because we don't support it properlyChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Increase S3Simulator HTTP timeout to aid debuggingChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Whitespace, import order and comment fixesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Make Protocol take control of the socket object passed in.Chris Wilson2014-03-01
* Move S3Simulator into its own class, like S3Client, for reuse elsewhere.Chris Wilson2009-04-13
* Create HTTP responses with the stream that they will be sent to, for 100 Chris Wilson2009-01-05
* Allow adding headers to an HTTPRequest.Chris Wilson2009-01-04
* Compile and config verify fixes for HTTP server code.Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Copy HTTP server into Box, for use with S3 testing.Chris Wilson2009-01-03