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* Fix raidfile tests on FreeBSD 7Chris Wilson2008-01-23
* If the address of opendir64() is NULL that is NOT a good sign, Chris Wilson2008-01-03
* Use 64-bit versions of directory functions if we can find them, and ifChris Wilson2008-01-03
* Search for readdir64 and stat64 if LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT is enabled, ratherChris Wilson2007-12-18
* Fix readdir() intercept on FreeBSD by fixing the check for redefinedChris Wilson2007-12-16
* Restructure intercept_errornow() for clarity.Chris Wilson2007-12-13
* Indent cleanup (refs #3)Chris Wilson2007-03-24
* Compile fix for platforms without intercept capability (refs #3)Chris Wilson2006-12-29
* Added a header file for including in test/bbackupd/testbbackupd.cpp and Chris Wilson2006-12-03
* Added ability for delay intercepts to fire multiple times.Chris Wilson2006-11-28
* Moved intercept code to a library module to allow it to be used by Chris Wilson2006-11-26