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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20220405.g7703ac8Ileana Dumitrescu2022-04-07
* Update test runner to support CMake better.Chris Wilson2016-08-28
* Update paths to match new cmake-generated project files location.Chris Wilson2016-02-14
* Run release tests, not debug tests, in the release configuration.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Add a verbose mode to, to show the build progress.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Use rd instead of rmdir command, to try to work properly in appveyor.Chris Wilson2015-12-20
* Build the INSTALL target for tests, to put executables into the right placesChris Wilson2015-12-19
* Add a prepare-only mode to, to help with debugging on WindowsChris Wilson2015-12-19
* Add support for cp command in testextra.Chris Wilson2015-12-17
* Add support for rmdir lines in testextra.Chris Wilson2015-12-17
* Add wrapper for running tests easily on MSVC/CMakeChris Wilson2015-12-12
* Fix test script to match change to autoconf variable names.Chris Wilson2015-05-16
* Minor fix to to allow it to fail if an invalid test name is given ...James O'Gorman2011-04-28
* s/(bbdev.)? O'Gorman2008-09-16
* Remove \r from test output so that PASSED tests are correctly detected Chris Wilson2008-03-13
* Compile fix to [2086].Chris Wilson2008-02-01
* Add help text on test failures, thanks to Stuart Hickinbottom.Chris Wilson2008-02-01
* Keep each test's log in a separate file for later review.Chris Wilson2007-11-03
* Log stderr output in the test log file, and don't delete it at theChris Wilson2007-11-03
* * Use strict and warnings for code safety.Chris Wilson2006-10-12
* This is part 2 of a patch from James O'Gorman.Martin Ebourne2006-03-04