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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20220405.g7703ac8Ileana Dumitrescu2022-04-07
* Improve error messages in test httpserver perl client script.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
* Use IPv4 localhost address to access test httpserver.Chris Wilson2016-09-16
| | | | | Fixes test failures on IPv6 enabled hosts where localhost can resolve to an IPv6 address, but the server is only bound to the IPv4 localhost address.
* Use instead of localhost in test/httpserver, to force use of IPv4.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
| | | | | Perl on Windows tends to use IPv6 for localhost if possible, but the server binds to IPv4, breaking the test.
* Move S3Simulator into its own class, like S3Client, for reuse elsewhere.Chris Wilson2009-04-13
* Debug logging of reason for request failure.Chris Wilson2009-03-24
* Add Amazon S3 signature checking to simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-06
* Copy tests for HTTP server.Chris Wilson2009-01-03