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* Debug logging of reason for request failure.Chris Wilson2009-03-24
* Add comment about running test as root.Chris Wilson2009-03-16
* Fix compile error on FreeBSD due to missing #include of signal.hChris Wilson2009-03-15
* Move S3Client class into its own files for public access.Chris Wilson2009-01-09
* Add support for PUT requests in HTTP simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-09
* Initial implementations of S3Client class.Chris Wilson2009-01-07
* Add Amazon S3 signature checking to simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-06
* Add support for HTTP PUT requests (uploads) in S3 simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-05
* First part of S3 Simulator, read-only GET requests.Chris Wilson2009-01-04
* Add ability to send an HTTPRequest to a socket and to parse an Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Compile and config verify fixes for HTTP server code.Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Copy tests for HTTP server.Chris Wilson2009-01-03