BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDeclare fast forward / record previous workDidier Raboud2 months
archive/debian/6-1commit 4cc9dd3873...Didier Raboud2 months
debian/6-1commit 4cc9dd3873...Didier Raboud2 months
archive/debian/5-1commit c73e7737eb...Didier Raboud3 months
debian/5-1commit c73e7737eb...Didier Raboud3 months
archive/debian/4-1commit 1566683174...Didier Raboud21 months
debian/4-1commit 846b4d9175...Didier Raboud21 months
archive/debian/3-6commit 2cc3ff598a...Didier Raboud22 months
debian/3-6commit 933c85b3ca...Didier Raboud22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-30Declare fast forward / record previous workHEADdebian/6-1archive/debian/6-1masterDidier Raboud
2019-09-30brlaser 6-1 Debian releaseDidier Raboud
2019-09-30Set upstream metadata fields: Repository.Didier Raboud
2019-09-30Update changelog for new upstream 6Didier Raboud
2019-09-30Update to upstream 6Didier Raboud
2019-09-30brlaser 5-1 Debian releaseDidier Raboud
2019-09-30Tiny fixup in the d/copyright fileDidier Raboud
2019-09-30Refresh package description to list the currently supported printersDidier Raboud
2019-09-30Bump S-V to 4.4 without changes neededDidier Raboud
2019-09-30Bump debhelper from old 11 to 12.Didier Raboud