BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix btrfs send of snapshots stored in /. Closes: #920886.Dimitri John Ledkov17 months
archive/debian/4.20.1-2commit 37b01ad383...Dimitri John Ledkov17 months
debian/4.20.1-2commit 37b01ad383...Dimitri John Ledkov17 months
archive/debian/4.20.1-1commit a252a2db8e...Dimitri John Ledkov18 months
debian/4.20.1-1commit a252a2db8e...Dimitri John Ledkov18 months
archive/debian/4.19.1-2commit 03b9f8baf4...Dimitri John Ledkov18 months
debian/4.19.1-2commit 03b9f8baf4...Dimitri John Ledkov18 months
archive/debian/4.19.1-1commit 7508eec012...Dimitri John Ledkov19 months
debian/4.19.1-1commit 7508eec012...Dimitri John Ledkov19 months
archive/debian/4.17-1commit 3b9cf4c8cd...Dimitri John Ledkov24 months
debian/4.17-1commit 3b9cf4c8cd...Dimitri John Ledkov24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-08-11releasing package btrfs-progs version 4.7-1debian/4.7-1Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-08-11New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-08-11Imported Upstream version 4.7Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26releasing package btrfs-progs version 4.6.1-1debian/4.6.1-1Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26Ship libgcc_s into the initrd, for scrub to work because it uses pthread_canc...Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26Add buglink number.Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26Add udev build-dependency, to install upstream btrfs-dm udev rulesDimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26New upstream releaseDimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26Imported Upstream version 4.6.1Dimitri John Ledkov
2016-07-26Set Vcs-* control headers pointing at dgit git repositoriesDimitri John Ledkov