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btrfs-progs: make btrfs qgroups show human readable sizes
add --raw, --si, --iec, --kbytes, --mbytes, --gbytes, --tbytes options make columns which show sizes align to right. Others aligned to left. example: qgroupid rfer excl max_rfer max_excl parent child -------- ---- ---- -------- -------- ------ ----- 0/5 299.58MiB 299.58MiB 300.00MiB 300.00MiB 1/1 --- 0/265 299.58MiB 16.00KiB 400.00MiB 0.00B 1/1 --- 0/266 299.58MiB 16.00KiB 350.00MiB 0.00B --- --- 1/1 599.16MiB 299.59MiB 800.00MiB 0.00B --- 0/5,0/265 Signed-off-by: Fan Chengniang <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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@@ -89,6 +89,20 @@ print max exclusive size of qgroup.
list all qgroups which impact the given path(include ancestral qgroups)
list all qgroups which impact the given path(exclude ancestral qgroups)
+raw numbers in bytes, without the 'B' suffix.
+select the 1024 base for the following options, according to the IEC standard.
+select the 1000 base for the following options, according to the SI standard.
+show sizes in KiB, or kB with --si.
+show sizes in MiB, or MB with --si.
+show sizes in GiB, or GB with --si.
+show sizes in TiB, or TB with --si.
list qgroups in order of <attr>.