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+btrfs-receive - receive subvolumes from stdin/file.
+'btrfs receive' [-ve] [-f <infile>] <mount>
+Receives one or more subvolumes that were previously
+sent with 'btrfs send'. The received subvolumes are stored
+into <mount>.
+'btrfs receive' will fail with the following case:
+1. a receiving subvolume already exists.
+2. a previously received subvolume was changed after it was received.
+3. default subvolume is changed or you don't mount btrfs filesystem with
+fs tree.
+After receiving a subvolume, it is immediately set to read only.
+Enable verbose debug output. Each occurrence of this option increases the
+verbose level more.
+-f <infile>::
+By default, btrfs receive uses stdin to receive the subvolumes.
+Use this option to specify a file to use instead.
+Terminate after receiving an <end cmd> in the data stream.
+Without this option, the receiver terminates only if an error is recognized
+or on EOF.
+'btrfs receive' returns a zero exist status if it succeeds. Non zero is
+returned in case of failure.
+'btrfs' is part of btrfs-progs. Btrfs filesystem is currently under heavy
+and not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review.
+Please refer to the btrfs wiki for
+further details.