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btrfs-progs: Fix a regression that btrfs filesystem label doesn't work
The number of arguments which is allowed to pass became wrong from the following commit. commit 176aeca9a148c5e29de0 ("btrfs-progs: add getopt stubs where needed") * actual result =========================================================== # ./btrfs prop get /btrfs label label=foo # ./btrfs fi label /btrfs btrfs filesystem label: too few arguments usage: btrfs filesystem label [<device>|<mount_point>] [<newlabel>] Get or change the label of a filesystem With one argument, get the label of filesystem on <device>. If <newlabel> is passed, set the filesystem label to <newlabel>. # ./btrfs fi label /btrfs bar foo # ./btrfs prop get /btrfs label label=foo =========================================================== * expected result =========================================================== # ./btrfs prop get /btrfs label label=foo # ./btrfs fi label /btrfs foo # ./btrfs fi label /btrfs bar # ./btrfs prop get /btrfs label label=bar =========================================================== Signed-off-by: Satoru Takeuchi <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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