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*-r|--rootdir <rootdir>*::
Populate the toplevel subvolume with files from 'rootdir'. This does not
-require root permissions and does not mount the filesystem.
+require root permissions to write the new files or to mount the filesystem.
+NOTE: This option may enlarge the image or file to ensure it's big enough to
+contain the files from 'rootdir'. Since version 4.14.1 the filesystem size is
+not minimized. Please see option '--shrink' if you need that functionality.
+Shrink the filesystem to its minimal size, only works with '--rootdir' option.
+If the destination is a regular file, this option will also truncate the
+file to the minimal size. Otherwise it will reduce the filesystem available
+space. Extra space will not be usable unless the filesystem is mounted and
+resized using 'btrfs filesystem resize'.
+NOTE: prior to version 4.14.1, the shrinking was done automatically.
*-O|--features <feature1>[,<feature2>...]*::
A list of filesystem features turned on at mkfs time. Not all features are