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@@ -7,25 +7,7 @@ mkfs.btrfs - create a btrfs filesystem
-$$[-A|--alloc-start <alloc-start>]$$
-$$[-b|--byte-count <byte-count>]$$
-$$[-d|--data <data-profile>]$$
-$$[-m|--metadata <metadata profile>]$$
-$$[-l|--leafsize <leafsize>]$$
-$$[-n|--nodesize <nodesize>]$$
-$$[-s|--sectorsize <sectorsize>]$$
-$$[-L|--label <label>]$$
-$$[-r|--rootdir <rootdir>]$$
-$$[-O|--features <feature1>[,<feature2>...]]$$
-$$[-U|--uuid <UUID>]$$
-$$<device> [<device>...]$$
+*mkfs.btrfs* [options] <device> [<device>...]
@@ -118,6 +100,8 @@ bytes and must not contain newline characters.
Do not perform whole device TRIM operation on devices that are capable of that.
+This does not affect discard/trim operation when the filesystem is mounted.
+Please see the mount option 'discard' for that in `btrfs`(5).
*-r|--rootdir <rootdir>*::
Populate the toplevel subvolume with files from 'rootdir'. This does not
@@ -182,6 +166,9 @@ root partition created with RAID1/10/5/6 profiles. The mount action can happen
before all block devices are discovered. The waiting is usually done on the
initramfs/initrd systems.
+As of kernel 4.9, RAID5/6 is still considered experimental and shouldn't be
+employed for production use.
@@ -271,7 +258,7 @@ There are the following block group types available:
| RAID6 | 1 | 2 | 3 to N - 2 | 3/any ^(see note 3)^
-WARNING: It's not recommended to build btrfs with RAID0/1/10/5/6 prfiles on
+WARNING: It's not recommended to build btrfs with RAID0/1/10/5/6 profiles on
partitions from the same device. Neither redundancy nor performance will be