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btrfs-progs: extend balance args to take min/max usage filter
Add the overlapping usage and [usage_min, usage_max] members to the balance args. The min/max values are interpreted iff the corresponding flag BTRFS_BALANCE_ARGS_USAGE_RANGE is set. The minimum boundary is inclusive, maximum is exclusive: * usage_min <= chunk_usage < usage_max Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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@@ -106,6 +106,12 @@ Balances only block groups with usage under the given percentage. The
value of 0 is allowed and will clean up completely unused block groups, this
should not require any new space allocated. You may want to use 'usage=0' in
case balance is returnin ENOSPC and your filesystem is not too full.
+The argument may be a single value or a range. The single value *N* means *at
+most N percent used*, equivalent to *..N* range syntax. Kernels prior to 4.4
+accept only the single value format.
+The minimum boundary is inclusive, maximum is exclusive.
Balances only block groups which have at least one chunk on the given