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btrfs-progs: docs: update flushoncommit default value
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-(default: on)
+(default: off)
This option forces any data dirtied by a write in a prior transaction to commit
-as part of the current commit. This makes the committed state a fully
-consistent view of the file system from the application's perspective (i.e., it
-includes all completed file system operations). This was previously the
-behavior only when a snapshot was created.
+as part of the current commit, effectively a full filesystem sync.
+This makes the committed state a fully consistent view of the file system from
+the application's perspective (i.e., it includes all completed file system
+operations). This was previously the behavior only when a snapshot was
-Disabling flushing may improve performance but is not crash-safe.
+When off, the filesystem is consistent but buffered writes may last more than
+one transaction commit.
(depends on compile-time option BTRFS_DEBUG, since: 4.4, default: off)