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btrfs-progs: dump-tree: let --tree understand name of the tree
For practical purposes teach -t about the human readable names of the trees in addition to the numerical id. The name syntax is flexible. Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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@@ -46,7 +46,16 @@ print only the uuid tree information, empty output if the tree does not exist
-b <block_num>::::
print info of the specified block only
-t <tree_id>::::
-print only the tree with the specified numerical ID
+print only the tree with the specified ID, where the ID can be numerical or
+common name in a flexible human readable form
+The tree id name recognition rules:
+* case does not matter
+* the C source definition, eg. BTRFS_ROOT_TREE_OBJECTID
+* short forms without BTRFS_ prefix, without _TREE and _OBJECTID suffix, eg. ROOT_TREE, ROOT
+* convenience aliases, eg. DEVICE for the DEV tree, CHECKSUM for CSUM
+* unrecognized ID is an error
*inode-resolve* [-v] <ino> <path>::
(needs root privileges)