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@@ -86,11 +86,6 @@ filesystem as listed by blkid.
Finally, if '--all-devices' or '-d' is passed, all the devices under /dev are
-'disk-usage' [-b] <path> [<path>..]::
-Show which chunks are in a device.
-If '-b' is given, byte will be set as unit.
'ready' <device>::
Check device to see if it has all of it's devices in cache for mounting.
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@@ -17,47 +17,8 @@ resizing, defragment.
-'df' [-b] <path> [<path>...]::
+'df' <path> [<path>...]::
Show space usage information for a mount point.
-If '-b' is given, then byte is used as unit. Default unit will be
-human-readable unit such as KiB/MiB/GiB.
-The command 'btrfs filesystem df' is used to query how many space on the
-disk(s) are used and an estimation of the free
-space of the filesystem.
-The output of the command 'btrfs filesystem df' shows:
-`Disk size`::::
-the total size of the disks which compose the filesystem.
-`Disk allocated`::::
-the size of the area of the disks used by the chunks.
-`Disk unallocated`::::
-the size of the area of the disks which is free (i.e.
-the differences of the values above).
-the portion of the logical space used by the file and metadata.
-`Free (estimated)`::::
-the estimated free space available: i.e. how many space can be used
-by the user. The evaluation cannot be rigorous because it depends by the
-allocation policy (DUP, Single, RAID1...) of the metadata and data chunks. +
-If every chunk is stored as "Single" the sum of the free (estimated) space
-and the used space is equal to the disk size.
-Otherwise if all the chunk are mirrored (raid1 or raid10) or duplicated
-the sum of the free (estimated) space and the used space is
-half of the disk size. Normally the free (estimated) is between
-these two limits.
-`Data to disk ratio`::::
-the ratio betwen the logical size (i.e. the space available by
-the chunks) and the disk allocated (by the chunks). Normally it is
-lower than 100% because the metadata is duplicated for security reasons.
-If all the data and metadata are duplicated (or have a profile like RAID1)
-the Data to disk ratio could be 50%.
'show' [--mounted|--all-devices|<path>|<uuid>|<device>|<label>]::
Show the btrfs filesystem with some additional info.
@@ -140,11 +101,6 @@ Show or update the label of a filesystem.
If a newlabel optional argument is passed, the label is changed.
NOTE: the maximum allowable length shall be less than 256 chars
-'disk-usage' [-tb] path [path...]::
-Show in which disk the chunks are allocated. +
-If '-b' is given, set byte as unit;
-If '-t' is given, show data in tabular format.
'btrfs filesystem' returns a zero exist status if it succeeds. Non zero is