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+Install Instructions
+Btrfs puts snapshots and subvolumes into the root directory of the FS. This
+directory can only be changed by btrfsctl right now, and normal filesystem
+operations do not work on it. The default subvolume is called 'default',
+and you can create files and directories in mount_point/default
+Btrfs uses the crypto manager interface in the kernel for file and
+metadata checksums. You need to compile the kernel with:
+cryptomanager and crc32c can be static as well. Once your kernel is
+setup, typing make in the btrfs module sources will build against the
+running kernel. When the build is complete:
+modprobe crc32c
+modprobe cryptomgr
+insmod btrfs.ko
+The Btrfs utility programs require libuuid to build. This can be found
+in the e2fsprogs sources, and is usually available as libuuid or
+e2fsprogs-devel from various distros.
+Building the utilities is just make ; make install. The programs go
+into /usr/local/bin. The commands available are:
+mkfs.btrfs: create a filesystem
+btrfsctl: control program to create snapshots and subvolumes:
+ mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
+ btrfsctl -s new_subvol_name /mnt
+ btrfsctl -s snapshot_of_default /mnt/default
+ btrfsctl -s snapshot_of_new_subvol /mnt/new_subvol_name
+ btrfsctl -s snapshot_of_a_snapshot /mnt/snapshot_of_new_subvol
+ ls /mnt
+ default snapshot_of_a_snapshot snapshot_of_new_subvol
+ new_subvol_name snapshot_of_default
+ Snapshots and subvolumes cannot be deleted right now, but you can
+ rm -rf all the files and directories inside them.
+btrfsck: do a limited check of the FS extent trees.</li>
+debug-tree: print all of the FS metadata in text form. Example:
+ debug-tree /dev/sda2 >& big_output_file