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authorMark Fasheh <>2013-01-07 14:24:35 -0800
committerDavid Sterba <>2013-02-27 15:24:25 +0100
commite5cb128a95eafac47e755cb4b83beb4c6c6af57c (patch)
treede4da4767ff057f0f4c914ffa2c3720ed380dc5b /Makefile
parente7cce77a56bff57144954b8b21fa1e79f00f549e (diff)
btrfs-progs: libify some parts of btrfs-progs
External software wanting to use the functionality provided by the btrfs send ioctl has a hard time doing so without replicating tons of work. Of particular interest are functions like btrfs_read_and_process_send_stream() and subvol_uuid_search(). As that functionality requires a bit more than just send-stream.c and send-utils.c we have to pull in some other parts of the progs package. This patch adds code to the Makefile and headers to create a library, libbtrfs which the btrfs command now links to. Signed-off-by: Mark Fasheh <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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1 files changed, 52 insertions, 26 deletions
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index b1bd7c25..94577449 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -1,16 +1,20 @@
CC = gcc
LN = ln
CFLAGS = -g -O1
objects = ctree.o disk-io.o radix-tree.o extent-tree.o print-tree.o \
root-tree.o dir-item.o file-item.o inode-item.o \
- inode-map.o crc32c.o rbtree.o extent-cache.o extent_io.o \
+ inode-map.o extent-cache.o extent_io.o \
volumes.o utils.o btrfs-list.o repair.o \
send-stream.o send-utils.o qgroup.o raid6.o
cmds_objects = cmds-subvolume.o cmds-filesystem.o cmds-device.o cmds-scrub.o \
cmds-inspect.o cmds-balance.o cmds-send.o cmds-receive.o \
cmds-quota.o cmds-qgroup.o cmds-replace.o cmds-check.o \
+libbtrfs_objects = send-stream.o send-utils.o rbtree.o btrfs-list.o crc32c.o
+libbtrfs_headers = send-stream.h send-utils.h send.h rbtree.h btrfs-list.h \
+ crc32c.h list.h kerncompat.h radix-tree.h extent-cache.h \
+ extent_io.h ioctl.h ctree.h
CHECKFLAGS= -D__linux__ -Dlinux -D__STDC__ -Dunix -D__unix__ -Wbitwise \
-Wuninitialized -Wshadow -Wundef
@@ -19,7 +23,10 @@ DEPFLAGS = -Wp,-MMD,$(@D)/.$(@F).d,-MT,$@
INSTALL = install
prefix ?= /usr/local
bindir = $(prefix)/bin
-LIBS=-luuid -lblkid -lm -lz
+lib_LIBS = -luuid -lblkid -lm -lz -L.
+libdir ?= $(prefix)/lib
+incdir = $(prefix)/include/btrfs
+LIBS = $(lib_LIBS) -lbtrfs
ifeq ("$(origin V)", "command line")
@@ -50,6 +57,10 @@ STATIC_CFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections
STATIC_LDFLAGS = -static -Wl,--gc-sections
STATIC_LIBS = $(LIBS) -lpthread
+libs =
+lib_links =
+headers = $(libbtrfs_headers)
# make C=1 to enable sparse
ifdef C
check = sparse $(CHECKFLAGS)
@@ -72,38 +83,47 @@ all: version.h $(progs) manpages
# NOTE: For static compiles, you need to have all the required libs
# static equivalent available
-static: version.h btrfs.static
+static: version.h $(libs) btrfs.static
-btrfs: $(objects) btrfs.o help.o $(cmds_objects)
+$(libs): $(libbtrfs_objects) $(lib_links) send.h
+ @echo " [LD] $@"
+ $(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(libbtrfs_objects) $(lib_LIBS) -shared -Wl,-soname, -o
+ @echo " [LN] $@"
+ $(Q)$(LN) -sf
+ $(Q)$(LN) -sf
+btrfs: $(objects) btrfs.o help.o $(cmds_objects) $(libs)
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs btrfs.o help.o $(cmds_objects) \
$(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) -lpthread
-btrfs.static: $(static_objects) btrfs.static.o help.static.o $(static_cmds_objects)
+btrfs.static: $(static_objects) $(libs) btrfs.static.o help.static.o $(static_cmds_objects)
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(STATIC_CFLAGS) -o btrfs.static btrfs.static.o help.static.o $(static_cmds_objects) \
$(static_objects) $(STATIC_LDFLAGS) $(STATIC_LIBS)
-calc-size: $(objects) calc-size.o
+calc-size: $(objects) $(libs) calc-size.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o calc-size calc-size.o $(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-find-root: $(objects) find-root.o
+btrfs-find-root: $(objects) $(libs) find-root.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-find-root find-root.o $(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfsctl: $(objects) btrfsctl.o
+btrfsctl: $(objects) $(libs) btrfsctl.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfsctl btrfsctl.o $(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-vol: $(objects) btrfs-vol.o
+btrfs-vol: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-vol.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-vol btrfs-vol.o $(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-show: $(objects) btrfs-show.o
+btrfs-show: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-show.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-show btrfs-show.o $(objects) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
@@ -112,55 +132,55 @@ btrfsck: btrfs
@echo " [LN] $@"
$(Q)$(LN) -f btrfs btrfsck
-mkfs.btrfs: $(objects) mkfs.o
+mkfs.btrfs: $(objects) $(libs) mkfs.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o mkfs.btrfs $(objects) mkfs.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) -lblkid
-btrfs-debug-tree: $(objects) debug-tree.o
+btrfs-debug-tree: $(objects) $(libs) debug-tree.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-debug-tree $(objects) debug-tree.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-zero-log: $(objects) btrfs-zero-log.o
+btrfs-zero-log: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-zero-log.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-zero-log $(objects) btrfs-zero-log.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-show-super: $(objects) btrfs-show-super.o
+btrfs-show-super: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-show-super.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-show-super $(objects) btrfs-show-super.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-select-super: $(objects) btrfs-select-super.o
+btrfs-select-super: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-select-super.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-select-super $(objects) btrfs-select-super.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfstune: $(objects) btrfstune.o
+btrfstune: $(objects) $(libs) btrfstune.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfstune $(objects) btrfstune.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-map-logical: $(objects) btrfs-map-logical.o
+btrfs-map-logical: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-map-logical.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-map-logical $(objects) btrfs-map-logical.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-corrupt-block: $(objects) btrfs-corrupt-block.o
+btrfs-corrupt-block: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-corrupt-block.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-corrupt-block $(objects) btrfs-corrupt-block.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-image: $(objects) btrfs-image.o
+btrfs-image: $(objects) $(libs) btrfs-image.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-image $(objects) btrfs-image.o -lpthread -lz $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-dir-test: $(objects) dir-test.o
+dir-test: $(objects) $(libs) dir-test.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o dir-test $(objects) dir-test.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-quick-test: $(objects) quick-test.o
+quick-test: $(objects) $(libs) quick-test.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o quick-test $(objects) quick-test.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-btrfs-convert: $(objects) convert.o
+btrfs-convert: $(objects) $(libs) convert.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o btrfs-convert $(objects) convert.o -lext2fs -lcom_err $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
-ioctl-test: $(objects) ioctl-test.o
+ioctl-test: $(objects) $(libs) ioctl-test.o
@echo " [LD] $@"
$(Q)$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o ioctl-test $(objects) ioctl-test.o $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)
@@ -178,11 +198,17 @@ clean :
@echo "Cleaning"
$(Q)rm -f $(progs) cscope.out *.o .*.d btrfs-convert btrfs-image btrfs-select-super \
btrfs-zero-log btrfstune dir-test ioctl-test quick-test send-test btrfs.static btrfsck \
- version.h
+ version.h \
+ $(libs) $(lib_links)
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPTS) -C man $@
-install: $(progs) install-man
+install: $(libs) $(progs) install-man
$(INSTALL) -m755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
$(INSTALL) $(progs) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
+ $(INSTALL) -m755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
+ $(INSTALL) $(libs) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
+ cp -a $(lib_links) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
+ $(INSTALL) -m755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(incdir)
+ $(INSTALL) -m644 $(headers) $(DESTDIR)$(incdir)
-include .*.d