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authorAnand Jain <>2013-02-01 15:56:23 +0800
committerDavid Sterba <>2013-02-01 16:55:05 +0100
commit2d2c9cef4b9f405535e072e82f54bbbcec76cc68 (patch)
tree59674b530405df27d65d6ae28b4dde2869737ab4 /btrfs-list.h
parent1999aae995dd9a5c17fa40316d618585b8b7674f (diff)
Btrfs-progs: add function btrfs_get_subvol to get root_info of a subvol
We need a function which can get the root_info of a given subvol. This is in preparation to add support for the show sub-cli. Signed-off-by: Anand Jain <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/btrfs-list.h b/btrfs-list.h
index f945734a..7c0d4c50 100644
--- a/btrfs-list.h
+++ b/btrfs-list.h
@@ -152,3 +152,4 @@ int btrfs_list_find_updated_files(int fd, u64 root_id, u64 oldest_gen);
int btrfs_list_get_default_subvolume(int fd, u64 *default_id);
char *btrfs_list_path_for_root(int fd, u64 root);
u64 btrfs_list_get_path_rootid(int fd);
+int btrfs_get_subvol(int fd, struct root_info *the_ri);