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authorGu Jinxiang <>2017-10-31 17:23:03 +0800
committerDavid Sterba <>2018-01-08 19:24:47 +0100
commit50d4ab19e472b75593264df0a49716f460b58596 (patch)
treec6e49ff7fcd2a316e796964d756ee0be2624a16d /ctree.h
parentb114f7b537972566ff9d3d3fb2ffd87e8b441a81 (diff)
btrfs-progs: Remove unused parameter trans
Some parameter of trans is not used indeed. Let's remove them. Signed-off-by: Gu Jinxiang <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/ctree.h b/ctree.h
index ef422ea6..7db0cd94 100644
--- a/ctree.h
+++ b/ctree.h
@@ -2536,8 +2536,7 @@ int btrfs_make_block_group(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
u64 size);
int btrfs_make_block_groups(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
struct btrfs_fs_info *fs_info);
-int btrfs_update_block_group(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
- struct btrfs_root *root, u64 bytenr, u64 num,
+int btrfs_update_block_group(struct btrfs_root *root, u64 bytenr, u64 num,
int alloc, int mark_free);
int btrfs_record_file_extent(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
struct btrfs_root *root, u64 objectid,