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authorJan Schmidt <>2013-05-06 19:15:01 +0000
committerChris Mason <>2013-05-10 10:55:22 -0400
commit14e028c26b6681e4a8423d79d965e2513e40cab9 (patch)
tree2d3ed96c13fe410794baf789122bd44cb60f5df6 /ioctl.h
parentc6eb10a7a43390e975b3f63fdf32cea58af948ea (diff)
Btrfs-progs: fixup: add flags to struct btrfs_ioctl_quota_rescan_args
The patch set previously sent was sent together with the kernel part, but was not updated as I added some reserved bytes to the ioctl struct for future compatibility. This fixes struct btrfs_ioctl_quota_rescan_args. Signed-off-by: Jan Schmidt <> Signed-off-by: Chris Mason <>
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diff --git a/ioctl.h b/ioctl.h
index 1ee631ae..abe6dd42 100644
--- a/ioctl.h
+++ b/ioctl.h
@@ -429,6 +429,7 @@ struct btrfs_ioctl_quota_ctl_args {
struct btrfs_ioctl_quota_rescan_args {
__u64 flags;
__u64 progress;
+ __u64 reserved[6];
struct btrfs_ioctl_qgroup_assign_args {