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Btrfs-progs: add function to map subvol ID to path
Several tools like btrfs-send and btrfs-receive need to map a subvolume ID to a filesystem path. The so far existing methods in btrfs-list.c cause a horrible effort when performing this operation (and the effort is dependent on the number of existing subvolumes with quadratic effort). This commit adds a function that is able to map a subvolume ID to a filesystem path with an effort that is independent of the number of existing subvolumes. In addition to this function, a command line frontend is added as well: btrfs inspect-internal subvolid-resolve <subvolid> <path> Signed-off-by: Stefan Behrens <>
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@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ btrfs \- control a btrfs filesystem
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBinspect-internal logical-resolve\fP
[-Pv] [-s size] \fI<logical>\fP \fI<path>\fP
+\fBbtrfs\fP \fBinspect-internal subvolid-resolve\fP \fI<subvolid>\fP \fI<path>\fP
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBqgroup assign\fP \fI<src>\fP \fI<dst>\fP \fI<path>\fP
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBqgroup remove\fP \fI<src>\fP \fI<dst>\fP \fI<path>\fP
@@ -461,6 +463,10 @@ not enough to read all the resolved results. The max value one can set is 64k.
+\fBinspect-internal subvolid-resolve\fP \fI<subvolid>\fP \fI<path>\fP
+Get file system paths for the given subvolume ID.
\fBbtrfs qgroup assign\fP \fI<src>\fP \fI<dst>\fP \fI<path>\fP
Enable subvolume qgroup support for a filesystem.