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Btrfs-progs: introduces '-a' option into subvolume list command
We list the subvolumes under current directory according to the input subvolume. However, if we still want to list all the subvolumes in the tree, we can use '-a' option to help us. There may be two kinds of path: absolute path , relative path . The absolute path is beginning with "<FS_TREE>" The relative path is under current path that you input. Signed-off-by: Wang Shilong <>
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ btrfs \- control a btrfs filesystem
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume create\fP\fI [<dest>/]<name>\fP
-\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume list\fP\fI [-pr] [-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--rootid=rootid,gen,ogen,path] <path>\fP
+\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume list\fP\fI [-aprt] [-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--rootid=rootid,gen,ogen,path] <path>\fP
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume set-default\fP\fI <id> <path>\fP
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Create a subvolume in \fI<dest>\fR (or in the current directory if
\fI<dest>\fR is omitted).
-\fBsubvolume list\fR\fI [-pr][-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--sort=gen,ogen,rootid,path] <path>\fR
+\fBsubvolume list\fR\fI [-aprt][-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--sort=gen,ogen,rootid,path] <path>\fR
List the subvolumes present in the filesystem \fI<path>\fR. For every
subvolume the following information is shown by default.
@@ -124,6 +124,8 @@ and top level. The parent's ID may be used at mount time via the
\fB-t\fP print the result as a table.
+\fB-a\fP print all the subvolumes in the filesystem.
\fB-r\fP only readonly subvolumes in the filesystem wille be listed.
\fB-s\fP only snapshot subvolumes in the filesystem will be listed.