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Fix missing entries in listing of subvolumes
Stephane Chazelas <> writes: > I've got a btrfs FS with 84 subvolumes in it (some created with > "btrfs sub create", some with "btrfs sub snap" of the other > ones). There's no nesting of subvolumes at all (all direct children > of the root subvolume). > > The "btrfs subvolume list" is only showing 80 subvolumes. The 4 > missing ones (1 original volume, 3 snapshots) do exist on disk and > files in there have different st_devs from any other subvolume. > > I found > > > which looks like the same issue, with Li Zefan saying he had a > fix, but I couldn't find any mention that it was actually fixed. Li Zefan <> replied: > After that, I posted a patch to fix btrfs-progs, which Chris aggreed > on: > > So this btrfs-progs patch should fix missing subvolumes in the output of "subvolume list": Signed-off-by: Li Zefan <> Signed-off-by: Hugo Mills <>
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