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Btrfs-Progs: update '-s' option without a argument.
Since '--sort' options was given ,and we can list snapshots in generation order by --sort=+/-gen to replace '-s [0|1]' totally. Signed-off-by: Wang Shilong <>
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ btrfs \- control a btrfs filesystem
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume create\fP\fI [<dest>/]<name>\fP
-\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume list\fP\fI [-aprt] [-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--rootid=rootid,gen,ogen,path] <path>\fP
+\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume list\fP\fI [-aprts] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--rootid=rootid,gen,ogen,path] <path>\fP
\fBbtrfs\fP \fBsubvolume set-default\fP\fI <id> <path>\fP
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Create a subvolume in \fI<dest>\fR (or in the current directory if
\fI<dest>\fR is omitted).
-\fBsubvolume list\fR\fI [-aprt][-s 0|1] [-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--sort=gen,ogen,rootid,path] <path>\fR
+\fBsubvolume list\fR\fI [-aprts][-g [+|-]value] [-c [+|-]value] [--sort=gen,ogen,rootid,path] <path>\fR
List the subvolumes present in the filesystem \fI<path>\fR. For every
subvolume the following information is shown by default.