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New upstream release. (Closes: #836778)debian/4.7.2-1
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6. The commit changelog should reference a commit that either introduced or
fixed the bug (or both). Subject line of the shall mention the name of the
new directory for ease of search, eg. `btrfs-progs: tests: add 012-subvolume-sync-must-wait`
+### Crafted/fuzzed images
+Images that are create by fuzzing or specially crafted to trigger some error
+conditions should be added to the directory *fuzz-tests/images*, accompanied by
+a textual description of the source (bugzilla, mail), the reporter, brief
+description of the problem or the stack trace.
+If you have a fix for the problem, please submit it prior to the test image, so
+the fuzz tests always succeed when run on random checked out. This helps