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If you have a fix for the problem, please submit it prior to the test image, so
the fuzz tests always succeed when run on random checked out. This helps
+# Coding style, best practices
+## do
+* quote all variables by default, any path, even the TOP could need that, and
+ we use it everywhere
+ * there are exceptions:
+ * `$SUDO_HELPER` as it might be intentionally unset
+ * the variable is obviously set to a value that does not require it
+* use `#!/bin/bash` explicitly
+* check for all external dependencies (`check_prereq_global`)
+* check for internal dependencies (`check_prereq`), though the basic set is
+ always built when the tests are started through make
+* use functions instead of repeating code
+ * generic helpers could be factored to the `common` script
+* cleanup after successful test
+* use common helpers and variables
+## do not
+* pull external dependencies if we can find a way to replace them: example is
+ `xfs_io` that's conveniently used in fstests but we'd require `xfsprogs`,
+ so use `dd` instead
+* throw away (redirect to */dev/null*) output of commands unless it's justified
+ (ie. really too much text, unnecessary slowdown) -- the test output log is
+ regenerated all the time and we need to be able to analyze test failures or
+ just observe how the tests progress
+* cleanup after failed test -- the testsuite stops on first failure and the
+ developer can eg. access the environment that the test created and do further
+ debugging
+ * this might change in the future so the tests cover as much as possible, but
+ this would require to enhance all tests with a cleanup phase