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authorDavid Sterba <>2018-01-30 15:46:05 +0100
committerDavid Sterba <>2018-01-31 15:14:03 +0100
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btrfs-progs: tests: disable some mkfs/010 testcases inside travis
Node sizes larger than 16k will fail due to enospc in the mount test. This is likely caused by the kernel. Keep the condition only local to travis so any other testing environment could see the failure eventually. Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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diff --git a/tests/mkfs-tests/010-minimal-size/ b/tests/mkfs-tests/010-minimal-size/
index f33b8aa3..62f8e16a 100755
--- a/tests/mkfs-tests/010-minimal-size/
+++ b/tests/mkfs-tests/010-minimal-size/
@@ -39,6 +39,19 @@ do_test -n 16k -m single -d dup
do_test -n 16k -m dup -d single
do_test -n 16k -m dup -d dup
+# Temporary: disable the following tests as they fail inside travis but run
+# fine otherwise. This is probably caused by kernel version, 4.4 fails and 4.14
+# is ok.
+# root_helper mount -t btrfs -o loop /home/travis/build/kdave/btrfs-progs/tests/test.img /home/travis/build/kdave/btrfs-progs/tests/mnt
+# mount: No space left on device
+# failed: root_helper mount -t btrfs -o loop /home/travis/build/kdave/btrfs-progs/tests/test.img /home/travis/build/kdave/btrfs-progs/tests/mnt
+# test failed for case 010-minimal-size
+if [ "$TRAVIS" = true ]; then
+ exit 0
do_test -n 32k -m single -d single
do_test -n 32k -m single -d dup
do_test -n 32k -m dup -d single