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btrfs-progs: ci: add dockerfile for a musl build test
Build environment with musl as the libc, based on Alpine Linux. To build the docker image: - cd travis/images - cp test-build $dir - cd $dir - docker build -t $tag . - docker push $tag We're going to have more images that will share the prep script so it has to be copied to the directory before making the image. No other way around that. Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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diff --git a/travis/images/ci-musl-x86_64/Dockerfile b/travis/images/ci-musl-x86_64/Dockerfile
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+++ b/travis/images/ci-musl-x86_64/Dockerfile
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+FROM alpine:edge
+RUN apk update
+RUN apk add linux-headers musl-dev util-linux-dev bash
+RUN apk add attr-dev acl-dev e2fsprogs-dev zlib-dev lzo-dev zstd-dev
+RUN apk add autoconf automake make gcc tar gzip
+COPY ./test-build .