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btrfs-progs: fi usage, fix reporting space for degraded mounts
The total size of devices was summed from raw partition size which is wrong in two ways: - if the device is missing, the size is 0 and it mismatches the size summed from chunks, leading to bogus numbers like Device unallocated: 16.00EiB Used: 1.88TiB Free (estimated): 8.00EiB (min: 8.00EiB) - we should really account the device size that's occupied by btrfs, not the real partition size altough it's the same most of the time The sum of missing devices is now printed in the summary and any missing device path is replaced with 'missing' instead of blank: Data,RAID1: Size:972.00GiB, Used:962.15GiB 972.00GiB /dev/sdb1 972.00GiB Bugzilla: Reported-by: <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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