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Deprecate btrfsctl, btrfs-show, btrfs-vol
Hi all, the patch below deprecates the following programs * btrfsctl * btrfs-vol * btrfs-show the reason is simple, these programs are superseded by the btrfs utility, both in terms of documentation, usability and bug. The goal is to avoid to duplicate codes and avoid update two programs. The patch adds a warning in the man pages, in the INSTALL file and in the programs. $ ./btrfsctl ** ** WARNING: this program is considered deprecated ** Please consider to switch to the btrfs utility ** no valid commands given usage: btrfsctl [ -d file|dir] [ -s snap_name subvol|tree ] [-r size] [-A device] [-a] [-c] [-D dir .] -d filename: defragments one file -d directory: defragments the entire Btree -s snap_name dir: creates a new snapshot of dir -S subvol_name dir: creates a new subvolume -r [+-]size[gkm]: resize the FS by size amount -A device: scans the device file for a Btrfs filesystem -a: scans all devices for Btrfs filesystems -c: forces a single FS sync -D: delete snapshot -m [tree id] directory: set the default mounted subvolume to the [tree id] or the directory Below the patch, but it is possible to pull the changes from: branch btrfs-deprecated Comments are welcome. G.Baroncelli INSTALL | 5 +++++ btrfs-show.c | 5 +++++ btrfs-vol.c | 5 +++++ btrfsctl.c | 5 +++++ man/ | 3 +++ man/ | 3 +++ 6 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) the tool to create a new snapshot for the filesystem. Signed-off-by: Chris Mason <>
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