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+btrfs-image - create/restore an image of the filesystem
+*btrfs-image* [options] <source> <target>
+*btrfs-image* is used to create an image of a btrfs filesystem.
+All data will be zeroed, but metadata and the like is preserved.
+Mainly used for debugging purposes.
+In the dump mode, source is the btrfs device/file and target is the output
+file (use '-' for stdout).
+In the restore mode (option -r), source is the dumped image and target is the btrfs device/file.
+Restore metadump image. By default, this fixes super's chunk tree, by
+using 1 stripe pointing to primary device, so that file system can be
+restored by running tree log reply if possible. To restore without
+changing number of stripes in chunk tree check -o option.
+-c <value>::
+Compression level (0 ~ 9).
+-t <value>::
+Number of threads (1 ~ 32) to be used to process the image dump or restore.
+Use the old restore method, this does not fixup the chunk tree so the restored
+file system will not be able to be mounted.
+Sanitize the file names when generating the image. One -s means just
+generate random garbage, which means that the directory indexes won't match up
+since the hashes won't match with the garbage filenames. Using -ss will
+calculate a collision for the filename so that the hashes match, and if it
+can't calculate a collision then it will just generate garbage. The collision
+calculator is very time and CPU intensive so only use it if you are having
+problems with your file system tree and need to have it mostly working.
+Walk all the trees manually and copy any blocks that are referenced. Use this
+option if your extent tree is corrupted to make sure that all of the metadata is
+Restore for multiple devices, more than 1 device should be provided.
+*btrfs-image* will return 0 if no error happened.
+If any problems happened, 1 will be returned.