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+btrfs-quota - control the quota of a btrfs filesystem
+'btrfs quota' <subcommand> <args>
+'btrfs quota' is used to enable/disable or rescan subvolume quota of a btrfs
+For setting quota or other quota operations on a btrfs filesystem, please see
+`btrfs-qgroup`(8) for details.
+WARNING: Quota and qgroup in btrfs filesystem is not stable and impacts
+performance in mainline kernel yet(v3.14 so far).
+'enable' <path>::
+Enable subvolume quota support for a filesystem.
+'disable' <path>::
+Disable subvolume quota support for a filesystem.
+'rescan' [-s] <path>::
+Trash all qgroup numbers and scan the metadata again with the current config.
+show status of a running rescan operation.
+wait for rescan operation to finish(can be already in progress).
+'btrfs quota' returns a zero exist status if it succeeds. Non zero is
+returned in case of failure.
+'btrfs' is part of btrfs-progs. Btrfs filesystem is currently under heavy
+and not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review.
+Please refer to the btrfs wiki for
+further details.