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+btrfs-send - generate a stream of changes between two subvolumes
+*btrfs send* [-ve] [-p <parent>] [-c <clone-src>] [-f <outfile>] <subvol> [<subvol>...]
+This command will generate a stream of instructions that describe changes
+between two subvolumes. The stream can be consumed by the *btrfs receive*
+command to replicate the sent subvolume on a different filesystem.
+The command operates in two modes: full and incremental.
+All subvolumes involved in one send command must be read-only (ie. the
+read-only snapshots and this status cannot be changed if there's a running send
+operation that uses the subvolume).
+In the full mode, the entire subvolume data and metadata will end up in the
+In the incremental mode (options '-p' and '-c'), there can be one or more
+parent subvolumes that will establish the base for determining the changes.
+The final stream will be smaller compared to the full mode.
+It is allowed to omit the '-p <parent>' option when '-c <clone-src>' options
+are given, in which case *btrfs send* will determine a suitable parent among the
+clone sources itself.
+You must not specify clone sources unless you guarantee that these snapshots
+are exactly in the same state on both sides, the sender and the receiver.
+if sending multiple subvolumes at once, use the new format and omit the
+'end cmd' marker in the stream separating the subvolumes
+-p <parent>::
+send an incremental stream from 'parent' to 'subvol'
+-c <clone-src>::
+use this snapshot as a clone source for an incremental send (multiple allowed)
+-f <outfile>::
+output is normally written to standard outout so it can be eg. piped to
+receive, use this option to write it to a file
+send in 'NO_FILE_DATA' mode
+The output stream does not contain any file
+data and thus cannot be used to transfer changes. This mode is faster and
+useful to show the differences in metadata.
+enable verbose output, print generated commands in a readable form, (each
+occurrence of this option increases the verbosity level)
+suppress all messagese except errors
+*btrfs send* returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is
+returned in case of failure.
+*btrfs* is part of btrfs-progs.
+Please refer to the btrfs wiki for
+further details.