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@@ -154,12 +154,16 @@ The id can be obtained from *btrfs subvolume list*, *btrfs subvolume show* or
Show information of a given subvolume in the <path>.
*snapshot* [-r] <source> <dest>|[<dest>/]<name>::
-Create a writable/readonly snapshot of the subvolume <source> with the
+Create a snapshot of the subvolume <source> with the
name <name> in the <dest> directory.
If only <dest> is given, the subvolume will be named the basename of <source>.
If <source> is not a subvolume, btrfs returns an error.
-If '-r' is given, the snapshot will be readonly.
+Make the new snapshot read only.
*sync* <path> [subvolid...]::
Wait until given subvolume(s) are completely removed from the filesystem