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+# Test that receive determines the correct mount point path when there is
+# another mount point that matches the destination's path as a prefix.
+source "$TEST_TOP/common"
+check_prereq btrfs
+check_prereq mkfs.btrfs
+rm -f dev1 dev2
+run_check truncate -s 1G dev1
+run_check truncate -s 1G dev2
+chmod a+w dev1 dev2
+loop1=$(run_check_stdout $SUDO_HELPER losetup --find --show dev1)
+loop2=$(run_check_stdout $SUDO_HELPER losetup --find --show dev2)
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER "$TOP/mkfs.btrfs" -f "$loop1"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER "$TOP/mkfs.btrfs" -f "$loop2"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER mount "$loop1" "$TEST_MNT"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER mkdir "$TEST_MNT/ddis"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER mkdir "$TEST_MNT/ddis-not-a-mount"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER mount "$loop2" "$TEST_MNT/ddis"
+echo "some data" | $SUDO_HELPER tee "$TEST_MNT/ddis/file" > /dev/null
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER "$TOP/btrfs" subvolume snapshot -r \
+ "$TEST_MNT/ddis" "$TEST_MNT/ddis/snap"
+run_check truncate -s 0
+chmod a+w
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER "$TOP/btrfs" send -f "$TEST_MNT/ddis/snap"
+# The following receive used to fail because it incorrectly determined the mount
+# point of the destination path to be $TEST_MNT/ddis and not $TEST_MNT.
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER "$TOP/btrfs" receive -f \
+ "$TEST_MNT/ddis-not-a-mount"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER umount "$TEST_MNT/ddis"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER umount "$TEST_MNT"
+# Cleanup loop devices and send data.
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER losetup -d "$loop1"
+run_check $SUDO_HELPER losetup -d "$loop2"
+rm -f dev1 dev2